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KDE distribueix els Frameworks 5.106.0

Dissabte, 13 de maig de 2023 | La comunitat KDE

Dissabte, 13 de maig de 2023

Avui KDE anuncia el llançament dels Frameworks 5.106.0 de KDE.

Els Frameworks de KDE són 83 biblioteques addicionals a les Qt, que proporcionen una àmplia varietat de les funcionalitats necessàries més habituals amb unes biblioteques madures, revisades amb atenció i ben provades, d'acord amb unes clàusules amistoses de llicència. Per a una introducció, vegeu l'anunci del llançament dels Frameworks de KDE.

Aquest llançament forma part d'una sèrie de publicacions mensuals planificades que faran disponibles les millores als desenvolupadors d'una manera ràpida i predictible.

Nou en aquesta versió


  • baloosearch: Inform the user when the specified dir is not canonical (bug 447119)
  • Aggressively resource constrain baloo_file

Breeze Icons

  • Make monochrome MS-DOS executable icons respect the color scheme
  • Increase moon size for redshift-status-on icon
  • Add mimetype icons for alembic files
  • Add new Partition Manager app icon
  • Make media-flash icon actually look like a typical flash memory card (bug 468006)
  • Add new icons for the pixelate and blur tools in Spectacle

Extra CMake Modules

  • Query gradle plugin version from Qt
  • ecm_process_po_files_as_qm: use own subdir ECMPoQm/ for build artifacts
  • Fix generate_export_header tests failures with parallel jobs (bug 464348)
  • ECMGenerateExportHeader: add USE_VERSION_HEADER arg (& related tune args)
  • ECMGenerateExportHeader: avoid helper C++ macro shared across gen. headers


  • karchiveentry.h: add missing KArchive forward declaration


  • Deprecate Calendar relations API
  • Deprecate the notebook support
  • Deprecated the non-functional and unused save/reload API


  • KCModuleQml: Set and inherit LayoutMirroring on an off-screen window


  • Add workaround to support config name with minus sign


  • exportUrlsToPortal: let it work in a non-KDE session (bug 458643)
  • exportUrlsToPortal: don't export when there are non-sendable non-local files
  • KDirWatch: Don't append fileName to fileName in Delete event (bug 467095)


  • Guard nullable property access, and bind instead of assigning once
  • CalendarEventsPlugin: fix wrong deprecation for signal alternateDateReady

KDE WebKit

  • Remove CI support for kdewebkit


  • Test HEIF in Exiv2Extractor
  • Test JXL in Exiv2Extractor, extend JPEG coverage
  • Remove usage of deprecated MP4::ItemListMap in taglib extractor
  • Modernize and extend CMake check for Python3
  • Make fb2 extractor compilation dependent on KF5Archive


  • Fix wrong alpha conversion (bug 468288)


  • ApplicationLauncherJob: find mimetype before showing open with dialog
  • KPropertiesDialog: Don't quote the path unnecessarily (bug 467369)
  • KEncodingFileDialog: Sort the list of encodings by name
  • WidgetsAskUserActionHandler: make sure all dialogs are created in the main thread (bug 364039)
  • WidgetsAskUserActionHandler: create message dialog in the main thread (bug 465454)
  • file: make sure to cancel reading if the worker was aborted (bug 358231)
  • KFileItemActions: don't add service submenus that don't have active actions
  • KCoreDirLister: AutoUpdate wasn't incremented when a new lister opened an already listed dir (bug 387663)
  • SlaveInterface: Set button icon for "Continue Loading"
  • Set ExitType when running applications as transient systemd services (bug 423756)


  • Fix spacing issue in OverlaySheet
  • GlobalToolBar: Fix enabled state of the BackButton in RTL mode
  • CardsGridView: improve columns property codeblock
  • SelectableLabel: Prevent it from participating in Tab chain
  • Fix disabled text color in Material style with dark color scheme
  • ActionButton: Fix reference to a tooltip attached property
  • BreadcrumbControl: Fix wrong heading offset in RTL layout direction
  • ContextDrawer: Remove top padding as well
  • BreadcrumbControl: Fix errors from wrong indexing
  • Fix accessibility of back and forward button
  • fix dragging from toolbar (bug 467857)
  • SwipeListItem: Fix for QT_QUICK_CONTROLS_MOBILE (bug 467884)
  • OverlayDrawer: Fix z value being too high for OverlaySheets (bug 466219)
  • Added keyboard search icon to SearchField


  • Remove unused dependencies

KPackage Framework

  • Deprecate KPackage::Package::name, add default for parameters


  • Fix querying actions for service of a service action
  • Parse actions last when creating a service


  • Fix Save Copy As.. not working anymore (bug 468672)
  • Fix indenting removes characters if line has tabs at start (bug 468495)
  • Printer: AlignVCenter line numbers
  • Dont ignore folding when printing code (bug 417138)
  • Use m_fontAscent instead of fm.ascent()
  • Draw caret ourselves (bug 452853)
  • Fix selection highlight for RTL text with custom line height (bug 464087)
  • Include range.js when initializing the engine (bug 456701)
  • Fix RTL text with format incorrectly shaped (bug 438755)
  • xml-indent: Optimize getCode


  • Add "kph" as a unit synonym for Kilometers per Hour


  • kcheckaccelerators: Don't blindly cast to QWidget (bug 468576)


  • Add Q_ENUM to VPN Connection enums

Plasma Framework

  • Fix osd- icon IDs (bug 469303)
  • Label: set horizontalAlignment explicitly
  • Rename nepomuk icon to search (bug 416072)


  • Fix PDF417 with binary content not producing any output with ZXing 2.0


  • Don't attempt to sync colors when application is shutting down


  • Implement solid-hardware monitor mode for property changes
  • Connect UPowerDevice propertyChanged signal to frontend
  • Avoid cache bypass of UPowerDevice::allProperties
  • Use values from PropertiesChanged instead of invalidating whole cache

Syntax Highlighting

  • Backport theme changes to kf5
  • Backport master hl file updates
  • Add mimetype for markdown

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key: pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7 4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB