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KDE veröffentlicht Frameworks 5.101.0

Samstag, 10 Dezember 2022 | KDE-Gemeinschaft

Samstag, 10 Dezember 2022

Heute gibt KDE die Veröffentlichung der KDE Frameworks 5.101.0 bekannt.

KDE Frameworks sind 83 zusätzliche Bibliotheken für Qt, die eine große Vielfalt an häufig benötigten Funktionen in ausgereiften, von anderen Entwicklern geprüften und gut getesteten Bibliotheken mit liberalen Lizenzbedingungen bieten. Eine Einführung finden Sie in der Ankündigung zur Veröffentlichung der KDE Frameworks.

Dies ist Teil einer Serie von monatlich geplanten Veröffentlichungen, um Verbesserungen schnell und regelmäßig für Entwickler verfügbar zu machen.

Neu in dieser Version


  • Expose battery of a DeclarativeDevice via property
  • Fix QML plugin when building project statically (bug 459340)

Breeze Icons

  • Add SimpleScreenRecorder icon (bug 412490)
  • application-x-executable: make symbolic icon follow color scheme
  • Add touchscreen icons to devices and preferences (bug 461562)

Extra CMake Modules

  • Fix ECMQmlModule for static plugins (bug 459340)
  • Watch for language changes to load the new appropiate qm files

KDE Doxygen Tools

  • Update CMakeLists.txt - The majority of frameworks use KF_VERSION to indicate current version


  • Fix KCharset::codecForName deprecation version
  • Deprecate QTextCodec public api


  • Apply existing QScreen::name() workaround for Windows to new code (bug 429943)
  • Fix parser treating empty IntList default as a list of single zero element: [0]


  • KHamburgerMenu: Reset when menu bar contents change
  • [KRecentFilesAction] Fix broken recent files list (bug 461448)


  • [KJobTrackerInterface] qRegisterMetatype KJob::Unit


  • Deprecate unused parts of KWindowSystem import
  • SimpleKCM: Account for flickable's margins when deciding to show separators
  • Deprecate QIconItem
  • Use const/let for JS variables as appropriate
  • Sync header and footer separator code to SimpleKCM (bug 461435)


  • Watch for icons directory changes from KDED (bug 455702)

KDELibs 4 Support

  • Fix dependency name


  • Fix localization files install path


  • Include sys/prctl.h only on Linux


  • FFmpegExtrator: Try stream metadata if no global metadata is available
  • office2007extractor: Extract text document line count
  • office2007extractor: Update docx to include more properties
  • Add FictionBook2 extractor


  • Fix key events for modifiers
  • Fix dialog's text
  • Set correct version for kglobalacceld

KDE GUI Addons

  • KeySequenceRecorder: Stop tracking recordings when we stop recording (bug 462100)
  • Make KColorUtils::mix account for alpha properly
  • Don't build/install the geo: URI handler on Android


  • kcountrysubdivisiontest fix "Missing reference in range-for"
  • Set the LANG to an actual valid locale


  • Port KIdleTime to ext_idle_notifier_v1


  • Fix missing DCI-P3 color space set
  • raw: LibRaw_QIODevice::read: fixed possible partial reading of an item
  • PSD multichannel testcases
  • Support to MCH with 4+ channels (treat as CMYK)
  • avif: Check if encoder/decoder is available in capabilities()
  • Fix condition for installing desktop files


  • kproxydlg.ui the web page https://konqueror.org does not have a FAQ section
  • Remove default Search items from Places panel
  • Ignore finished() from the timeoutSpecialCommand (bug 459980)
  • KCoreUrlNavigator: fix header include path, add backward-compat headers
  • Deprecate SlaveBase in favour of WorkerBase
  • Fix header install location for KFileFilter
  • Wrap IdleSlave in visibility deprecation macros
  • Introduce KFileFilter class to parse and store filters
  • Deprecate ForwardingSlaveBase in favour of ForwardingWorkerBase
  • Introduce a new ForwardingWorkerBase
  • KUrlNavigatorPlacesSelector: Use protocol icon as fallback
  • Deprecate KProtocolInfo::slaveHandlesNotify()
  • KIO::createDefaultJobUiDelegate Add missing @since
  • Deprecate TCPSlaveBase in favour of TCPWorkerBase
  • KProtocolInfoTest: adapt check for zip protocol support to JSON metadata
  • Deprecate left-over no-op method SimpleJob::storeSSLSessionFromJob(...)
  • Deprecate ThumbCreator and its variants
  • RenameDialog: all widgets should be parented to the dialog itself
  • Add KProtocolManager::workerProtocol() to match new lingo
  • Add Scheduler methods for workers on hold to match new lingo
  • Add KProtocolInfo::maxWorkers()/maxWorkersPerHost() to match new lingo
  • Emit deprecation warning for ioslave_defaults.h
  • Rename http_slave_defaults.h to http_worker_defaults.h, following port


  • InlineMessage: Fix corner case glitch when component is sized almost enough to fix the label
  • Add ToolTip for action in PasswordField
  • ImageColors: load source image asynchronously
  • ImageColors: reset palette when source image is null
  • ImageColors: use OpenMP to count pixels in parallel
  • ImageColors: support url as source
  • OverlaySheet: Fix gaps in footer
  • CardsGridView: Do not set Infinity as an int value
  • ApplicationHeader: Fix not loading
  • Fix many memory leaks caused by Qt.createComponent
  • UrlButton: improve accessible properties when text is different from url
  • LinkButton: allow focus and add keyboard navigation
  • More checks when not to diplay fabs
  • PageRow: Introduce ability to automatically pop invisible pages
  • icon: account window dpi when calculating actualSize
  • Fix pushing pagerow to layers
  • DefaultListItemBackground: remove unused leadingWidth property
  • CardsGridView: remove unnecessary code
  • ActionTextField: allow to focus on action icons
  • ActionTextField: show native shortcut text in tooltip
  • ActionTextField: fix StandardKey not working
  • src/controls/About*.qml correct web page for KDE donations
  • Adjust to qrc file changes from https://invent.kde.org/frameworks/extra-cmake-modules/-/merge_requests/303
  • Card: By default, decorate the card background as pressed if checked
  • AboutItem: Make "Report a Bug" button also be a link
  • AboutItem: Add Donate link
  • ActionButton: Fix broken attached properties due to import changes
  • Revert "icon: itemSize should be size"
  • Add alias Kirigami for units calls where missing
  • ContextIcon: add missing namespace for Kirigami
  • OverlayDrawer + ContextDrawerActionItem: add missing namespace for Units
  • UrlButton: import Kirigami for the base class


  • Also remove the custom target in BUILD_TESTING
  • Make use of ecm_add_qml_module()


  • Fix static compilation of KF5NewStuffWidgets module (bug 459125)
  • Perform initialization in initialization list


  • KNotification: Add hints property


  • Add CLASSNAME in ecm_add_qml_module method call


  • QueryMatch: Avoid unneeded QVariant conversion to string when setting data
  • cppcheck: Do not shadow outer functions with local variables
  • cppcheck: Make constructors explicit
  • Fix crash when deleting RunnerManager while jobs are running (bug 448825)


  • KApplicationTrader: New method setPreferredService


  • Convert part metadata to JSON
  • Kate:TextLine: switch to std::shared_ptr
  • Fix setting default mark when ctrl is pressed
  • Fix caret with inline notes
  • Add "Character" the "Insert Tab" action name
  • Fix condition for installing desktop file


  • Fix double delete crash


  • client: Add F_SEAL_SHRINK seal to shm pool backing file
  • client: Expose concrete xdg-shell class implementations


  • Extend KRecentFilesMenu


  • Deprecate KWindowSystem::demandAttention
  • Deprecate KWindowSystem::setIcons
  • Move X11-specific KWindowSystem functions to new KX11Extras class
  • xcb/kwindoweffects: Fix stripes when dpr is not an integer
  • Deprecate KWindowSystem::setUserTime
  • Deprecate KWindowSystem::setBlockingCompositing
  • Deprecate KWindowSystem::icccmCompliantMappingState
  • Deprecate KWindowSystem::lowerWindow
  • Deprecate KWindowSystem::constrainViewportRelativePosition


  • Better/corrected wording as suggested by Felix Ernst
  • Added a doc note how to get a menu's action

Plasma Framework

  • PC3: allow touch scrolling even when tablet mode is off (bug 461016)
  • Import ManagedTextureNode from KDeclarative
  • Expose minimum drawing size for FrameSvg and FrameSvgItem
  • Fix the left element of dialogs background
  • pc3: Simplify Button{Focus,Hover,Shadow}.qml
  • pc3: Simplify Flat/RaisedButtonBackground
  • extracomponents: Only create a button in PlaceholderMessage if needed
  • pc3: Don't create an SVG in TextField just to check if a certain element exists
  • Expose FrameSvg::hasElement on FrameSvgItem
  • FrameSvg: Replace a bunch of check-and-fetch with fetch-and-validate
  • extracomponents: Use attached property for ActionTextField tooltip
  • FrameSvg: Store a few unchanging strings in updateSizes as static const
  • FrameSvg: Use a single QString buffer when building names to look up in the SVG
  • Rework Plasma theme mask corners and outlines (bug 417511)
  • Support horizontal scroll in containmentactions
  • appletquickitem 'ownLayout' local variable has same name as one of the class members
  • IconItem: Fix icons after context loss events
  • svgitem: do not upscale svg when using fractional scaling (bug 461682)
  • Remove workaround for QTBUG-70481
  • PC3: remove obsolete workaround in TextArea
  • ToolTip: Do not show when empty
  • declarative/core: Use two opacity nodes for fading in IconItem (bug 432999)
  • availableScreenRect only for valid screens
  • appletinterface: Expose the QAction::Priority enum values
  • Handle tooltips with disabled (negative) timeout properly (bug 397336)


  • Fix copy/pasted license header, this needs to be MIT


  • Don't delete config when job finishes


  • TextArea: allow touch scrolling even when tablet mode is off (bug 461016)
  • Redraw KQuickStyleItem when DPR changes
  • Switch: Improve background contrast when in unchecked state
  • styleitem: Don't destroy and recreate the style on every instance creation
  • Fix blurry controls in QQuickWidget
  • DislogButtonBox: Fix url value comparison with non-strict ==
  • ToolTip: Do not show tooltips without text
  • BusyIndicator: Synchronize to implementation in PlasmaComponents3


  • imobiledevice: Check error returned by idevice_new (bug 448329)
  • UDisks2::DeviceBackend add udi in trace when failing to to get prop
  • imobiledevice: Handle events in correct thread
  • imobiledevice: Don't call udiPrefix() from constructor

Syntax Highlighting

  • TOML: add number prefix, inf, nan and more datetime format ; fix multi-strings closing (bug 462178)
  • Python: add pyi extension (python interface)
  • Javascript: remove previousDibling keyword (probably a typo for previousSibling)
  • Add GPS Exchange Format (GPX) type
  • CSS family: add properties, functions and fr unit ; remove FPWD and old proposed properties
  • install a index.katesyntax when QRC_SYNTAX is OFF
  • Make the Rust language mode use the cstyle indenter
  • C23: missing wN length modifiers with d and i in printf_like
  • CMake: remove duplicate and
  • CMake: optimize by adding DetectIdentifier and DetectSpaces (~20% faster)
  • CMake: replace some with
  • Add syntax definition for CSV and TSV
  • JSON: small optimization on number regex
  • Go: improved support for literal numbers, add unicode escape characters and new predefined type (bug 459291)
  • Dynamic RegExpr has its own type (~2.2% faster)
  • XML: replace a dynamic StringDetect with DetectIdentifier contextually equivalent
  • XML: character < in an ENTITY is highlighted as an error

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key: pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure faure@kde.org Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7 4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB