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KDE veröffentlicht Frameworks 5.102.0

Samstag, 14 Januar 2023 | KDE-Gemeinschaft

Samstag, 14 Januar 2023

Heute gibt KDE die Veröffentlichung der KDE Frameworks 5.102.0 bekannt.

KDE Frameworks sind 83 zusätzliche Bibliotheken für Qt, die eine große Vielfalt an häufig benötigten Funktionen in ausgereiften, von anderen Entwicklern geprüften und gut getesteten Bibliotheken mit liberalen Lizenzbedingungen bieten. Eine Einführung finden Sie in der Ankündigung zur Veröffentlichung der KDE Frameworks.

Dies ist Teil einer Serie von monatlich geplanten Veröffentlichungen, um Verbesserungen schnell und regelmäßig für Entwickler verfügbar zu machen.

Neu in dieser Version

Breeze Icons

  • Revert "Add SimpleScreenRecorder icon" (bug 412490)
  • Add some links for symbolic icons
  • Don't generate BINARY_ICONS_RESOURCE by default with Qt >= 6

Extra CMake Modules

  • FindXCB: remove Xprint and XEvIE
  • Mark translation fetching as deprecated

KDE Doxygen Tools

  • add -u to ensure all variables are defined when used
  • update dependencies and add a script to automate this


  • Fix polkit package name in CMake config (bug 463402)


  • fix safety issue of multiple threads use KConfig in the same process


  • [kcommandbar] Save last used items in state config
  • [kcodecaction] Deprecate KEncodingProper-based API


  • Fix bug 395683 Entry for security-aware messengers (bug 395683)


  • Config.cmake.in: workaround Inotify static issue (bug 460656)
  • Better Pluralize 'n minutes ago' (bug 462261)
  • Fix portal urls cache on X11 (bug 460314)


  • calendarevents: add new alternate date ready signal and deprecate the old one (bug 463196)
  • Support modifierOnlyAllowed in KeySequenceItem


  • odfextractor: Add support for Open Document Graphics


  • Don't install kglobalacceld5 service file for KF6
  • Deprecate activateGlobalShortcutContext and shortcut contexts in general

KDE GUI Addons

  • waylandclipboard: Be a bit smarter about when to use the QGuiApplication::clipboard (bug 462979)
  • KeySequenceRecorder: Allow modifier-only shortcuts
  • KColorSchemeWatcherWin: Fix checking for dark mode
  • Correct descriptions for CMake options WITH_WAYLAND and WITH_X11
  • waylandclipboard: Update QClipboard when gaining focus (bug 454379)


  • holidays/plan2/holiday_us_en-us - fix Junetenth date
  • Fix German "Buß- und Bettag" holiday is wrong (SN,BY) (bug 461835)
  • Add holidays for Malaysia (bug 462867)
  • cmake: Use ECMQmlModule for declarative plugin
  • qcalendarsystem condition 'months<0' is always true


  • raw: tweak seek implementation
  • heif: fix error handling
  • heif: rewrite plugin to use only libheif C API


  • Fix Windows build


  • [kprocessrunner] Don't specify which desktop the app should be launched on (bug 462996)
  • Fix crash when dealing with user notification dialog
  • [WidgetsAskUserActionHandler] Add fallbacks for dialog parent windows (bug 463124)
  • [jobuidelegate] Set window when creating delegate
  • kdiroperator: fix full file path not being stripped (bug 459900)
  • Fix integer overflow for large files in AccessManager (bug 452972)
  • Pre-select "Delete" in Delete Confirmation Dialog (bug 462845)
  • Make link against KWindowSystem private
  • [KOpenWithDialog] Save search history in state config
  • file_unix: Fix check for hidden NTFS files
  • Use new nomenclature with socket name; use ".socket" suffix
  • [previewjob] Deprecate overlayIconSize and overlayIconAlpha
  • Replace KIO::SlaveConfig with KIO::WorkerConfig
  • [kpropertiesdialog] Remove UI to set DBus startup type
  • when inside a sandbox use different openwith behavior
  • Don't install service desktop files for KCMs in KF6
  • Don't install KonqPopupMenu service type file for KF6


  • InlineMessage: Downstream and clarify padding expressions that are based on background's border width
  • Calculate CategorizedSettings's width by using word width instead of length (bug 462698)
  • ActionMenuItem: Shorten one binding expression, remove useless check
  • Fix getting tablet mode on application startup (bug 462187)
  • Show tooltip in avatar if available
  • ActionTextField: Specify focus reason for shortcut activation
  • Add text to clear action in search field
  • ColumnView: Resolve assert
  • ActionTextField: Avoid showing empty tooltip for actions without text
  • InlineMessage: Make content text selectable, just like their Widgets counterpart
  • PageRow: Fix potential popping of visible pages with popHiddenPages
  • NavigationTabButton: Support display property
  • DefaultCardBackground: Make basic drop shadow follow the radius
  • NavigationTabBar: Move button width calculation out of NavigationTabButton
  • fix the listitemdraghandle example so it's not a broken mess
  • Dialog: Fix assigning undefined to QObject property, which is a type error in QML
  • Use StandardKey.Find instead of "CTRL+F"
  • ActionTextField: Fix property access error on non-Kirigami actions
  • PasssiveNotificationManager: Use Item instead of Control so that we can use a touchscreen
  • ActionTextField: Remove useless binding
  • Don't accept hover events at the bottom of ApplicationItem
  • PageRow: Rename popNotVisiblePages... to popHiddenPages, and fix null
  • FormLayout: remove excessive spacing above unlabeled separators (bug 462300)
  • Allow closing drawers on non-touch devices (bug 454119)
  • Re-implement PassiveNotification functionality
  • Add appropriate tooltip and accessibility property to GlobalDrawer's menu button
  • Fix double namespace Kirigami.Kirigami.*
  • InlineMessage: Make 1 expression explicit and boolean-valued
  • InlineMessage: Don't bind your logic to the value of .visible property
  • OverlaySheet: Use same heading size as Dialog
  • icon: proceed itemChange in QQuickItem (bug 462630)
  • Icon: repolish on DPR changes
  • Icon: Use correct devicePixelRatio


  • core: Don't make URL installation a false question
  • KNSCore::Question: Include the entry in the question (bug 460136)


  • doc: Tell which is the default value of status and category


  • Fix signal after edit TTS_select


  • ReadOnlyPart: don't emit urlChanged() from destructor


  • Allow accessing custom properties of KServiceActions
  • Replace QVariant::Type with QMetaType::Type
  • Deprecate KService::dbusStartupType


  • Fix crash on undo after reload (bug 462793)
  • Update the cursor and anchor to sync with the visual but not scroll for selectAll
  • Implement invokeAction and commit preedit when click outside the preedit
  • Add missing KWindowSystem dependency
  • Fix 1 space indent not detected
  • Added New Script Sort Uniq
  • avoid use of markedAsFoldingStart
  • start to compute indentation based folding on demand
  • Accept event when clearing multicursors
  • Add Dart and Go to katemoderc


  • Adapt to HRK being replaced by EUR

KWallet Framework

  • Don't install kwalletd5 service file for KF6


  • Make sure that HAVE_MEMFD is defined to 0 if not found


  • Make Full Screen action use consistent text and icon (bug 240854)


  • Merge two KWINDOWSYSTEM_HAVE_X11 sections into one
  • Fix KStartupInfo::appStarted()
  • Deprecate KStartupInfo::startupId()
  • Deprecate KStartupInfo::silenceStartup()
  • KWindowSystemPluginWrapper doesn't need a virtual dtor
  • Make KX11Extras::icon behave like KWindowSytem::icon (bug 462739)


  • Decrease minimum height of inactive list widget (bug 461580)


  • Lookup country code during initialization


  • Explicitly look for Qt::DBus in the CMake config file

Plasma Framework

  • Dialog: Only center panel popup if it still would cover two thirds of its panel widget (bug 462930)
  • containmentinterface: add function to open context menu
  • ExpandableListItem: load custom content when item is expanded
  • PC3/ActionTextField: Specify focus reason for shortcut activation
  • Use StandardKey.Find instead of "CTRL+F"
  • ActionTextField: add property type for focusSequence
  • ActionTextField: show native shortcut text in tooltip
  • ActionTextField: fix StandardKey not working
  • Dialog: Use one std::optional instead of two boolean flags
  • Mark transient applets in config (bug 417114)


  • Add support for ZXing 2.0


  • CheckBox/RadioButton/Switch: update implicit sizing code
  • CheckBox/RadioButton/Switch: center align indicators when no content
  • CheckBox/RadioButton/Switch: align indicators with 1st text line
  • Button/ToolButton: allow menu arrows to be added by Accessible.role


  • Add Esperanto trigram data file

Syntax Highlighting

  • Resolve conflict on .ex file extension
  • Markdown: remove dynamic rules that are not needed
  • Julia: merge hundreds of rules into a single regex ; fix adjoint operator ; includes ##Comments
  • avoid temporary constructions of Definition in AbstractHighlighter::highlightLine
  • GCode: numbers are optional with parameters (bug 462969)
  • cmake: Use ECMQmlModule for qtquick plugin
  • update version and references
  • Add MapCSS highlighting
  • Add testcase to markdown file for Nim code blocks
  • Markdown: Use nim highlighting in nim blocks
  • Add testcase for "\"
  • Nim: Small syntax fixes
  • Add new keywords: get and set

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key: pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure faure@kde.org Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7 4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB