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KDE veröffentlicht Frameworks 5.103.0

Sonntag, 12 Februar 2023 | KDE-Gemeinschaft

Sonntag, 12 Februar 2023

Heute gibt KDE die Veröffentlichung der KDE Frameworks 5.103.0 bekannt.

KDE Frameworks sind 83 zusätzliche Bibliotheken für Qt, die eine große Vielfalt an häufig benötigten Funktionen in ausgereiften, von anderen Entwicklern geprüften und gut getesteten Bibliotheken mit liberalen Lizenzbedingungen bieten. Eine Einführung finden Sie in der Ankündigung zur Veröffentlichung der KDE Frameworks.

Dies ist Teil einer Serie von monatlich geplanten Veröffentlichungen, um Verbesserungen schnell und regelmäßig für Entwickler verfügbar zu machen.

Neu in dieser Version


  • Fix automoc issues on generated DBus source files
  • Don't skip automoc for DBus interfaces

Extra CMake Modules

  • ECMAddQtDesignerPlugin: use correct plugin IID
  • ECMAddQch: support doc linking also against Qt6 docs
  • KDEPackageAppTemplates: add "_kapptemplate" postfix to target names
  • Fix compatibility with newer Gradle provided with Qt 5.15.8


  • Limit size of file to be added by what the tar header supports


  • Add Q_PROPERTY for IncidenceBase::url as well
  • Avoid calling twice update() in setAttendees()
  • Unbreak static build consumers


  • KCModuleQml: Specify URL for root component's QML context
  • Set systemsettings as alias when generating desktop files


  • Remove winsami2 from codecs list
  • Replace jis7 with ISO-2022-JP in offered codecs
  • Fix name for CP 949 in KCharsets::encodingsByScript (bug 463848)


  • kconf_update: use standard exit status code
  • kconf_update: use CMAKE_INSTALL_FULL_LIBDIR (bug 465125)
  • KCoreConfigSkeleton::ItemEnum::Choice2: add deprecation warning markup
  • KCoreConfigSkeleton::ItemEnum::choices2(): add deprecation markup
  • Android: Fix a bug where new file wouldn't be created


  • [kcodecaction] Deprecate QTextCodec and mib-based API (bug 463421)
  • [kcodecaction] Add name-based trigger signal
  • kcommandbar: Fix positioning when no mainwindow parent
  • kcommandbar: Fix no central widget crashes app (bug 463251)


  • don't needlessly copy urls while iterating
  • KSandbox: Warn when running without flatpak-spawn privileges


  • Remove unused QtGraphicalEffects import
  • Fix anchors error in AbstractKCM & SimpleKCM types
  • QML/JS: Prefer const over let, and use strict === equality


  • Only recreate icons if an icon dir changed (bug 463353)

KDELibs 4 Support

  • Fix transparent borders on the right and bottom sides of Italy flag


  • Also add external extractors to vector of all plugins (bug 463598)
  • Fix loading of external extractors and writers (bug 463598)


  • Send X11 startup id when invoking service actions

KDE GUI Addons

  • waylandinhibition singleton pattern for ShortcutsInhibitManager
  • waylandclipboard: roundtrip to get accurate focus state (bug 463199)
  • KColorSchemeWatcherMac: do not use new NSAppearance API on older macOS versions (bug 463752)


  • psd: conversion speed improvements (kf5)
  • Fix writing TGA alpha depth flag
  • HDR support removed from RAW plugin
  • heif: reject invalid files with zero size


  • kdeinit: Use close_range for cleanup_fds if available


  • CommandLauncher: Emit error when command was not found
  • Add KUrlNavigator::supportedSchemes, to replace customProtocols
  • Add missing copyFromFile entries to http.json for webdav and webdavs (bug 464450)
  • Mark WorkerBase::needSubUrlData as deprecated
  • [commandlauncherjob] Deprecate setIcon
  • job_error: add missing space between sentences for one string (bug 464631)
  • Correct setDesktopName() docs regarding optionality of .desktop suffix
  • Drop outdated docs for mailto kioslave
  • Add deprecation warnings for KDirOperator::setView(KFile::FileView)
  • Deprecate unused Scheduler::connect/disconnects methods
  • Deprecate Slave::isConnected/setConnected
  • Restore old behavior for KFileFilterCombo::setFilter (bug 463309)
  • KCoreDirListerCache: Remove unnecessary assert
  • KFilePlacesView: Set transientParent on context menu (bug 453532)
  • KURISearchFilterEngine: Use DuckDuckGo as a default shortcut
  • widgets/renamefiledialog: remove bulk rename number limit


  • PageHeader: Fix title's leading padding in RTL environment
  • PageHeader: Factor out common sub-expressions
  • PageHeader: Break down long and complex expression into multiple lines
  • Take into account the extra spacing nav buttons have
  • Take into account more button after is visible (bug 464988)
  • private/PrivateActionToolButton: Remove unused icon component
  • Fix escape key closing non-modal OverlayDrawers
  • Take into account side margins (bug 465052)
  • Disable HoverHandler (bug 464829)
  • BasicListItem: Patch tooltip tests for Qt5
  • BasicListItem: Add test for tooltip feature
  • tests: Sort tests alphabetically in CMake
  • Add hover-tooltip to the labels of BasicListItem
  • Remove examples for components which are going to be removed in KF6
  • ForwardButton: Remove unused initial properties
  • SwipeNavigator: Hotfix failure to load the component
  • OverlayDrawer: Remove unused object id
  • Fix the only compile-time warning left in KF5
  • OverlaySheet: Switch from int to real as appropriate
  • Fix last instances of imports without aliases
  • Explicitly specify arguments in signal handlers (x2)
  • Explicitly specify arguments in signal handlers
  • Fix some code style/formatting
  • Avatar: Add tests for action triggering
  • Avatar: Fix triggering main action
  • ColumnView: Explicitly support RTL in leading separator
  • ColumnView: Use Kirigami.Theme.Window colorSet for separators
  • ColumnView: Remove obsolete code
  • ColumnView: Use RTL-friendly name for internal method
  • ColumnView: Make consistent calls to shared instance
  • Optimize connections on parent change, and make sure to unbind if target set to null
  • WheelHandler: Fix scrolling over ScrollBars on ScrollablePage (bug 438526)
  • ScrollablePage: Enhance code style
  • ScrollablePage: Drop extra rounding code
  • a11y: Ignore action buttons for invisible actions
  • Page: Split default page title delegate into separate component
  • Page: Fix title delegate elision glitch
  • ActionToolButton: Replace hack with Accessible role
  • ShadowedTexture: Fix crash in cases where QSGTextureProvider::textureChanged.
  • Move license file of template to correct location


  • Fix crash in QQuickQuestionListener (bug 464624)
  • Install desktop file for knewstuff-dialog (bug 464668)

KPackage Framework

  • Update README with new json metadata
  • Show deprecation message about the desktop to json conversion being removed


  • PartLoader: move UI strings out of template code in header
  • Deprecate class PartSelectEvent
  • Deprecate PartBase::setPluginInterfaceVersion(int)


  • Fix indent failing due to unknown method 'replace'
  • Don't show selection count when there are none


  • Restore ABI compatibility broken in 29bb6d


  • Prevent user from expanding tooltips by key, if they weren't expandable
  • Remove duplicate "Whats This?" tooltips


  • Fix remaining 5 compile warnings (unused parameters)

Plasma Framework

  • Dialog: Fix calculation of distance between dialog and parent applet (bug 464513)
  • Refactor glowbar SVG
  • QMenuProxy & Plasma::Types::PopupPlacement: Reverse direction for RTL
  • QMenuProxy: Fix relative positioning with embedded/off-screen parent windows
  • IconItemTest: Wait for rendering before capturing an image of IconItem
  • iconitem: Use InOutCubic for the animation's easing curve
  • iconitem: Adjust fade animation to not flicker as much (bug 463685)


  • ScrollBar: Add feature that Alt+Click inverts scrollToClickPosition behavior
  • ScrollBar: Fix glitch when animating back in transient mode
  • ScrollBar: React to style changes property
  • ScrollBar: Fix visuals in edge cases of rounding errors
  • ScrollBar: Fix visuals in overshoot state
  • ScrollBar: Never mirror horizontal scroll bars, even in RTL layout
  • ScrollBar: Remove duplicate property assignment
  • ScrollBar: Reduce string comparisons
  • ScrollBar,ScrollView: Use Control::mirrored property for RTL
  • ScrollView: Factor out subexpression in a way that actually works reliably
  • ScrollBar: Fix active control state after mouse release
  • ScrollBar: Fix jump target position for horizontal scrollbars
  • ScrollBar: Use newer shorthand properties to make code shorter
  • ScrollBar: Shuffle components around and flatten code
  • ScrollBar: Optimize for non-interactive mode: use property interceptor syntax
  • ScrollBar: Optimize for interactive mode: don't run invisible animations
  • ScrollBar: Factor constants out of Math.round()
  • Deduplicate identical pixelMetric call
  • ScrollView: Remove custom background-colored rectangle
  • Switch: Fix broken object id reference
  • Workaround for QTBUG-106489
  • Replace icon.color.a > 0 check with proper Qt.colorEqual
  • Refactor DefaultListItemBackground with a grain of type-safety
  • DelayButton: Fix hasFocus binding
  • Menu: Factor out property assignment
  • RadioButton: Add support for icons, just like in CheckBox (bug 442986)
  • TabBar: Fix glitchy overlap
  • TabButton: Refactor expressions using modern QQC2 attached properties
  • TabButton: Fix/add icons rendering
  • Revisit usages of QtQuick.Controls/AbstractButton::icon grouped property
  • Optimize loading icons from properties


  • Change underscores to spaces in Esperanto trigrams

Syntax Highlighting

  • Log: fix slow search regex ; add Critical section ; some improvement in Log File (advanced) (bug 464424)
  • Cobol: add extensions ; add exec sql block ; picture clause more permissive
  • Cobol: replace tab with 2 spaces
  • Add Zig language
  • Add Cabal syntax
  • Add Log File syntax
  • avoid copies of Theme and QString in functions that manipulate themes
  • FormatPrivate now contains a definition name rather than a reference to a definition
  • add noexcept
  • Theme::m_data is now always initialized with a valid pointer
  • optimize ThemeData::textStyleOverride
  • Replace DefinitionRef in StateData with a definition id
  • Add COBOL syntax
  • Indexer: suggest more minimal=1 or other rule for RegExpr with lookhaed=1 and .*
  • Indexer: check xml validity
  • feat: Add new syntax for Earthfile

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key: pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure faure@kde.org Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7 4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB