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KDE veröffentlicht Frameworks 5.113.0

Donnerstag, 14 Dezember 2023 | KDE-Gemeinschaft

Donnerstag, 14 Dezember 2023

Heute gibt KDE die Veröffentlichung der KDE Frameworks 5.113.0 bekannt.

KDE Frameworks sind 83 zusätzliche Bibliotheken für Qt, die eine große Vielfalt an häufig benötigten Funktionen in ausgereiften, von anderen Entwicklern geprüften und gut getesteten Bibliotheken mit liberalen Lizenzbedingungen bieten. Eine Einführung finden Sie in der Ankündigung zur Veröffentlichung der KDE Frameworks.

Dies ist Teil einer Serie von monatlich geplanten Veröffentlichungen, um Verbesserungen schnell und regelmäßig für Entwickler verfügbar zu machen.

Neu in dieser Version


  • [ExtractorProcess] Handle signal mangling by DrKonqi (bug 421317)
  • [ExtractorProcess] Test the various processing states
  • [ExtractorProcess] Make the extractor process path a constructor argument
  • [BasicIndexingBenchmark] Allow to keep temporary DB
  • [QueryTest] Add test case for terms folded to empty strings (bug 407664)
  • [DocumentUrlDb] Reduce allocations during path reconstruction
  • Shortcut non-matching phrase queries
  • [EngineQuery] Remove AND/OR operations
  • [QueryParser] Remove it, as it is no longer used
  • [SearchStore] Always use TermGenerator instead of QueryParser (bug 412421)
  • [Extractor] Do not emit startedIndexingFile for skipped documents (bug 462009)
  • Remove dead registerBalooWatcher DBus method
  • [FileWatchTest] Check attr changed signal when XAttr is not available
  • [FileWatchTest] Replace common boilerplate with RAII
  • [KInotify] Fix _k_addWatches helper when hitting descriptor limit
  • [KInotify] Simplify dirIter logic, use unique_ptr
  • [KInotify] Always add all watches in the event loop
  • [KInotify] Silence EventMoveSelf warning when not relevant
  • [KInotify] Removed unused and obsolete available() method

Extra CMake Modules

  • ECMQtDeclareLoggingCategory: support kdebugsettings files w/ . in basename
  • Add Find7Zip, deprecate Find7z, revert Find7z broken Linux support
  • Find7z: make it work also on non-Windows systems

Framework Integration

  • Reflect identifier change of oxygen-icons


  • Adapt to renamed activities library repo
  • Adapt to move out of Frameworks


  • Adapt to move out of Frameworks


  • Fix broken bzip2 with new shared-mime-info


  • Make KConfigWatcher noop for in-memory configs


  • KRecentFileActions: Fix use after free (bug 476312)


  • kdirwatch: don't crash after moving threads (bug 472862)
  • kdirwatch: don't leave relative entries dangling
  • kdirwatch: expand ref counting system to keep account of public instances
  • kdirwatch: always unref d, and unset d from inside d (bug 472862)


  • Output generic file types from dump utility
  • Check if file path passed to dump utility is a readable file
  • [FFmpegExtractor] Bail out on first missing component during find_package (bug 458313)
  • Bump minimum Exiv2 version to 0.26
  • [TaglibExtractor] Add support for Ogg stream with FLAC (audio/x-flac+ogg) (bug 475352)
  • Generate fromName hash table programmatically from PropertyInfo table
  • Use proxy class for lowercase property name lookup
  • Reduce PropertyInfo::fromName overhead
  • [FFMpegExtractor] Support and check video/vnd.avi
  • [TaglibExtractor] Adapt code to SMI changes for audio/x-wav -> /vnd.wave


  • Add KF5 include for KPropertiesDialogPlugin
  • Add build option for KF6 coinstallability
  • Adaptations for shared-mime-info >= 2.3


  • Adapt to plasma-framework being renamed to libplasma
  • Deprecate old QueryMatch::setType which will be removed in KF6
  • Backport KF6 API to set categoryRelevance for QueryMatch
  • Adapt to plasma-framework moving to Plasma


  • Remove warning about empty Exec field from KService::exec() (bug 430157)

Plasma Framework

  • Adapt to renamed activities library repo
  • Adjust to KWayland moving to Plasma
  • Adapt to kactivities moving to Plasma
  • Reflect identifier change of oxygen-icons


  • Use the cmake variables rather than if(TARGET)

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key: pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure faure@kde.org Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7 4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB