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A Selenium Primer - Part 3: Identifying Accessibility Issues

Saturday, 8 June 2024 | KDE PeerTube

In this video I explain how the accerciser utility works. Accerciser is a tool used to identify and test GUI accessibility elements. I also run accerciser on KCalc, the KDE calculator application.

Selenium AT-SPI is an amazing piece of software written by KDE developer Harald Sitter. It is a tool used in KDE to automate tests of GUI applications. This enables developers to design applications that are accessible for all and increase their energy efficiency. As part of Season of KDE 2024 I decided to make a video tutorial for KDE developers.

If you find this video helpful, you can reach out to me on Gitter. I would love to hear back from you 😃

This video was made by Pradyot Ranjan (