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Kdenlive 22.04.2 Released

Tuesday, 14 June 2022 | Kdenlive

The polishing and stability effort of this release cycle continues with the release Kdenlive 22.04.2 which comes with bug fixes to the AppImage and Mac packages, render widget, same track transitions, subtitles and project loading issues.


  • Fix icon color change in some situations (eg. Appimage). Commit. Fixes bug #450556
  • Fix incorrect lambda capture leading to crash. Commit.
  • Fix AppImage icons. Commit. See bug #451406
  • Online resources: only show warning about loading time once. Commit. See bug #454470
  • Clang format fixes. Commit.
  • Fix crash clicking ok in empty transcoding dialog. Commit.
  • Fix possible crash when load task is running on exit. Commit.
  • Fix file watcher broken, changed clips were not detected anymore. Commit.
  • Fix timeremap clip always using proxies on rendering. Commit. Fixes bug #454089
  • Ensure internal effects like subtitles stay on top so that they are not affected by color or transform effects. Commit.
  • Fix crash on undo center keyframe. Commit.
  • Fix crash changing clip monitor bg color when no clip is selected. Commit.
  • Fix crash on undo selected clip insert. Commit.
  • Fix nvenc codec. Commit. See bug #454469
  • Fix clip thumbs not discarded on property change. Commit.
  • On document loading, also check images for changes. Commit.
  • Fix tests and mix direction regression. Commit.
  • Fix major corruption on undo/redo clip cut, with tests. Commit.
  • Project loading: detect and fix corruption if audio or video clips on the same track use a different producer. Commit.
  • Fix crash dropping an effect on the clip monitor. Commit.
  • Speedup maker search. Commit.
  • Fix cannot put monitor in fullscreen with mirrored screens. Commit.
  • Fix mix on very short AV clips broken, with test. Commit.
  • Fix Slide mix not correctly updated when creating a new mix on the previous clip, add tests. Commit. See bug #453770
  • Fix mix mix not correctly reversed in some cases and on undo. Commit.
  • Fix slide composition going in wrong direction (mix is still todo). Commit. See bug #453770
  • Fix several small glitches in bin selection. Commit.
  • Fix clip height not aligned to its track. Commit.
  • Fix speech to text on Mac. Commit.
  • Fix crash/corruption in overwrite mode when moving grouped clips above or below existing tracks. Commit.
  • Fix missing audio with “WebM-VP9/Opus (libre)” preset. Commit. See bug #452950
  • [Render Widget] Allow more steps for quality slider. Commit.
  • [Render Presets] Fix wrongly reversed quality with custom presets. Commit.
  • [Render Presets] Add more speed preset steps for x254 and x256. Commit.
  • Fix mixers don’t display levels if a track was added/removed with collapsed mixer. Commit.
  • Fix possible crash in transcoding dialog if there are no clips to convert. Commit.
  • [RenderWidget] Add scrollbar to improve experience on small screens. Commit.

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