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Kdenlive 24.02.1 released

Wednesday, 27 March 2024 | Kdenlive

We’re delighted to announce the first maintenance release of the 24.02 series, tackling regressions, bugs, and crashes. A big thank you to everyone who reported issues during this transition – keep up the great work!


  • Fix crash on group cut. Commit.
  • Fix possible startup crash. Commit.
  • Fix typo. Commit.
  • Fix appstream release notes formatting. Commit.
  • Add release notes to AppData. Commit.
  • Fix: some sequence properties incorrectly saved, like subtitles list, timeline zone. Commit. Fixes bug #483516.
  • Fix: Windows crash clicking fullscreen button. Commit. Fixes bug #483441.
  • Fix: cannot revert letter spacing to 0 in title clips. Commit. Fixes bug #483710.
  • Fix: font corruption on Qt6/Wayland. Commit.
  • Fix: Fix pan timeline with middle mouse button. Commit. Fixes bug #483244.
  • Minor cleanup. Commit.
  • When file fails to open, display MLT’s warning to help debugging. Commit.
  • Fix crash trying to recover a backup after opening a corrupted file. Commit.
  • Fix multiple subtitles issues: several tracks not correctly saved, sequence copy not suplicating subs, crash on adding new subtitle track. Commit. Fixes bug #482434.
  • Update file org.kde.kdenlive.appdata.xml. Commit.
  • Update file org.kde.kdenlive.appdata.xml. Commit.
  • Add .desktop file. Commit.
  • Updated icons and appdata info for Flathub. Commit.
  • Org.kde.kdenlive.appdata: Add developer_name. Commit.
  • Org.kde.kdenlive.appdata.xml use Commit.
  • Fix bin thumbnails for missing clips have an incorrect aspect ratio. Commit.
  • On sequence change, recursively update each sequence that embedded it. Commit. Fixes bug #482949.
  • When using multiple timeline sequences, fix change in a sequence resulting in effect loss if the tab was not changed. Commit.
  • Fix crash on spacer tool with grouped subtitle. Commit. Fixes bug #482510.
  • Fix crash moving single item in a group. Commit.
  • Block Qt5 MLT plugins in thumbnailer when building with Qt6. Commit. Fixes bug #482335.
  • [CD] Disable Qt5 jobs. Commit.
  • Don’t allow autosave when the document is closing. Commit.
  • Fix deleting single item in a group not working. Commit.
  • Fix moving a single item in a group with alt not always working and breaks on undo. Commit.
  • Fix another case of clips with mixes allowed to resize over another clip, add tests. Commit.
  • Fix adding a mix to an AV clit that already had a mix on one of its components moving existing mix. Commit.
  • Fix typo. Commit.
  • Fix for Qt6’s behavior change in QVariant::isNull() (fixes speech to text). Commit.
  • Fix crash on invalid gradient data. Commit. Fixes bug #482134.
  • Enforce proper styling for Qml dialogs. Commit.
  • Fix incorrect Bin clip video usage count and initialization, spotted by Ondrej Popp. Commit.

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