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Kdenlive 24.02.2 released

Monday, 15 April 2024 | Kdenlive

The second maintenance release of the 24.02 series is out with performance optimizations when moving clips in the timeline and across multiple project bins, packaging improvements to macOS and Windows versions and fixes to copy/paste of effects, rotoscoping, Nvidia encoding among others.

Full changelog

  • Fix blurry folder icon with some project profiles. Commit.
  • Fix timeline not following playhead. Commit.
  • When copy/paste effects from a group, only paste effects for the active clip. Commit. Fixes bug #421667.
  • Optimize group move (don’t update clip position twice). Commit.
  • Fix nvidia encoding. Commit.
  • Multiple improvements for timeline keyboard grab (don’t test each frame on a move, scoll timeline accordingly, don’t lose focus on app switch). Commit.
  • Update to last commit: only sync shortcuts if there was a change. Commit.
  • Fix: editing toolbar config discards newly set keyboard shortcuts. Commit.
  • Increase Qt6 limit for max image size. Commit. See bug #484752.
  • Fix: Ensure secondary bins have a title bar when needed and that the dock widgets list is always correctly sorted. Commit.
  • Don’t perform bin block twice on main bin. Commit.
  • Fix: lag moving clips from one bin to another and unneeded monitor clip reload. Commit.
  • Fix crash and color theme broken on Windows when opening a project by double click. Commit.
  • Try to fix empty monitor when switching to/from fullscreen on Mac. Commit.
  • Fix mem leak on save. Commit.
  • Add more locks around xml producer, fix autosave triggered on project open. Commit.
  • Mediabrowser: ensure thumbnails are generated after changing the view. Commit.
  • Enable video thumbnails in media browser for Win/Mac. Commit.
  • Fix: don’t propose existing name for new sequence. Commit. Fixes bug #472753.
  • Fix crash in sequence clip thumbnails. Commit. See bug #483836.
  • Ensure we never reset the locale while an MLT XML Consumer is running (it caused data corruption). Commit. See bug #483777.
  • Add icon data to shared-mime-info. Commit.
  • Fix: favorite effects menu not refreshed when a new effect is set as favorite. Commit.
  • Fix: Rotoscoping not allowing to add points close to bottom of the screen. Commit.
  • Fix: Rotoscoping – allow closing shape with Return key, don’t discard initial shape when drawing it and seeking in timeline. Commit. See bug #484009.
  • Fix: cannot translate the “P” for Proxy in timeline. Commit. Fixes bug #471850.
  • Fix white background and blank monitor on Windows after going back from fullscreen. Commit. Fixes bug #484081.
  • Fix wrong KDEInstallDirs on Windows. Commit.
  • Fix recent commit not allowing to open files. Commit.
  • Don’t crash opening aa corrupted project file with no tracks. Commit.
  • Fix: cannot move compositions properly in timeline with Qt6. Commit. Fixes bug #484062.
  • Proxy clip: highlight proxy in file manager when opening the folder. Commit.

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