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Web Review, Week 2023-21

Friday, 26 May 2023 | Kevin Ottens

Let’s go for my web review for the week 2023-21.

Twitter Is a Far-Right Social Network - The Atlantic

Tags: tech, social-media, politics, twitter

Indeed… things have been changing very rapidly.

Patterns in register map design

Tags: tech, hardware, programming, cpu

Very thorough overview on how registers are used when you get closer to the hardware. Very good resource to use as reference.

Memory Allocation

Tags: tech, memory

Everything you always wanted to know but didn’t dare asking about memory allocators. OK, maybe not “everything everything” but this gives a very good overview on how they work and the trade-offs they have to make.

How Much Memory Do You Need to Run 1 Million Concurrent Tasks? | Piotr Kołaczkowski

Tags: tech, multithreading, performance, memory

Doesn’t give the whole picture (memory isn’t the only important parameter) but interesting results nonetheless. A few surprises in there, Java and C# do much better than one might assume for instance.

Stop Saying C/C++ | Bryce Vandegrift’s Website

Tags: tech, c++, c, programming

Indeed, the times when we could pretend one was a superset of the other are long gone.

``Rewrite it in Rust” Considered Harmful?

Tags: tech, safety, security, memory, c, c++, rust

Indeed, the story of integrating C and C++ with Rust isn’t a simple one right now. It might introduce larger attack surfaces. Some improvements are proposed in this paper.

Writing Python like it’s Rust | Kobzol’s blog

Tags: tech, programming, python, rust

Nice list of patterns leveraging the Python type hints for richer and safer interfaces.

GitHub - Xfennec/progress: Linux tool to show progress for cp, mv, dd, … (formerly known as cv)

Tags: tech, linux, tools, command-line

Looks like a smart and interesting little tool. I definitely needed something like it more than once.

5 Things Founders, Investors and Recruiters Should Know about the CTO role | by Marc van Neerven | CTO-as-a-Service | Medium

Tags: tech, business, cto, management

Interesting insights about the minutiae of the CTO role.

Writing summaries is more important than reading more books — Andreas Fragner

Tags: book, note-taking

Definitely something I learned way to late. I wish I had started with such summaries and book notes earlier.

Origin Stories: Plantations, Computers, and Industrial Control

Tags: tech, economics, history, capitalism, automation

Very interesting explorations of the early days of automation and computation. This shows another face of Babbage which is often ignored. It is a cruel demonstration on how his machine were first and foremost encroached on division of labor as inspired by plantations.

The Fastest Maze-Solving Competition On Earth - YouTube

Tags: tech, robots, competition, funny, mathematics

The fascinating world of micromice competitions. There’s a lot of thinking leading to those really smart designs.

Bye for now!