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Latte Dock | Farewell...

Monday, 25 July 2022 | Michail Vourlakos

Hello everyone,
Unfortunately I would like to inform kde community that I am stepping away from Latte development. No time,motivation or interest from my part is the main reason. I hope that this will give free space and air for new developers/maintainers to step in and move Latte forward.
I hoped that I would be able to release Latte v0.11 but unfortunately I can not. Releasing Latte v0.11 it would mean that someone would maintain it afterwards and that is no more the case. 
For the last 6 years developing Latte was a beautiful journey and taught me plenty new things. I would like to thank you all for that beautiful journey, kde community members, users, developers, enthusiasts and plasma developers.
Have fun and enjoy life...