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O KDE Lança as Plataformas 5.104.0

Sábado, 11 de Março de 2023 | Comunidade do KDE

Sábado, 11 de Março de 2023

O KDE anuncia hoje o lançamento das Plataformas do KDE 5.104.0.

As Plataformas do KDE são 83 bibliotecas com extensões ao Qt que oferecem uma grande variedade de funcionalidades comuns e necessárias sob a forma de bibliotecas maduras, revistas pela comunidade e bem testadas, tendo ainda termos de licenciamento amigáveis. Para uma introdução, veja o anúncio de lançamento das Plataformas do KDE.

Esta versão faz parte de uma série de versões mensais planeadas que disponibilizam as melhorias aos programadores de uma forma rápida e previsível.

Novo nesta versão


  • extactor: add KAboutData

Breeze Icons

  • Add draw-number

Extra CMake Modules

  • Load translations for application-specific language also on Win and Mac (bug 464694)
  • ECMGenerateExportHeader: fix duplicated addition of deprecation macros code
  • Find wayland.xml from wayland-scanner.pc


  • Don't include screen connector names in screen position/size data (bug 460260)
  • Fix multimonitor window size restoration (bug 460260)
  • Sort connector names for multi-screen size/position keys (bug 460260)


  • KConfigDialogManager: Fix logs formatting


  • Deprecate KPluginMetaData::initialPreference
  • Convert BugReportUrl in desktoptojson (bug 464600)
  • exportUrlsToPortal: stop fusing remote urls (bug 457529)
  • Show deprecation warning about desktoptojson tool


  • Guard nullable property access, and bind instead of assigning once
  • AbstractKCM: Rewrite padding expressions to be more readable
  • Add import aliases, bump internal import versions as needed
  • Drop unused QML imports
  • [managedconfigmodule] Fix deprecation comments
  • [configmodule] Deprecate constructor without metadata
  • [configmodule] Deprecate setAboutData


  • Install version header


  • Mobi extractor: only extract what is asked (bug 465006)


  • Skip reloading global registry settings instead of asserting


  • Add holidays for Dominican Rebublic (bug 324683)
  • Kf5 add cuba holidays (bug 461282)
  • holidayregion variable 'regionCode' shadows outer function


  • KI18nLocaleData target: add include dir for version header to interface
  • Load translations for application-specific language also on Win and Mac (bug 464694)


  • Properly mark panel icon group as deprecated
  • Deprecate KIconLoader overloads in KIconButton and KIconDialog


  • wayland: Guard wayland object destructors (bug 465801)


  • DeleteOrTrashJob: when trashing a file in trash:/ delete it instead (bug 459545)
  • Set bug report URL for Windows Shares KCM (bug 464600)
  • OpenFileManagerWindowJob: fix opening multiple instances under Wayland [KF5] (bug 463931)
  • Add missing URLs in KCMs for reporting bugs (bug 464600)
  • kshorturifilter: return directly if cmd is empty
  • [kprocessrunner] Use aliased desktop file name for xdg-activation


  • Dialog: Don't let user interact with footer during transitions
  • For styling and recoloring, use down property instead of pressed
  • Fix mistyping of Kirigami.Settings.isMobile


  • KDescendantProxyModel: Do not remove indexes from mapping before announcing the removal


  • DownloadItemsSheet: Fix scrolling (bug 448800)

KPackage Framework

  • Check pluginId contains '/' before using it as package type (bug 449727)


  • Install version header


  • KF5KRunnerMacros: Add compat code and warning for in KF6 renamed configure_krunner_test macro


  • Fix deprecation ifdef
  • Deprecate KService::serviceTypes and KService::hasServiceType
  • application: Add X-SnapInstanceName
  • Add method to query supported protocols for a service


  • Improve cstyle performance (bug 466531)
  • Improve performance of rendering spaces with dyn wrap disabled (bug 465841)
  • documentSaveCopyAs: Use async job api (bug 466571)
  • Optimize rendering spaces with dyn wrapping (bug 465841)


  • Remove extra semicolon
  • Deprecated KWindowSystem::allowExternalProcessWindowActivation
  • [kstartupinfo] Deprecate setWindowStartupId
  • [kstartupinfo] Deprecate KStartupInfo::currentStartupIdEnv
  • [kstartupinfo] Fix API docs for currentStartupIdEnv


  • settings: fix -Wlto-type-mismatch in NetworkManager::checkVersion decl


  • KPrisonScanner target: add include dir for version header to interface


  • Place Purpose::Menu headers into C++ namespace subdir, w/ compat headers


  • ProgressBar: Pause indeterminate animation when invisible
  • Added flat combobox without outline unless hovered
  • TextField: Fix password-protection code from affecting normal text fields (bug 453828)
  • Drawer: Fix RTL by copying sizing code from upstream Default style
  • Drawer: Use simpler sizing expressions from upstream Default style
  • Don't check for selectByMouse on a non-existent root for TextArea
  • use again the palette coming from Kirigami.Theme (bug 465054)
  • Only enable TextArea context menu when able to select by mouse

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key: pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7 4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB