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My work in KDE for June 2024

Sunday, 30 June 2024 | redstrate

Hello! I intentionally skipped last month because I was busy with other tasks, and I didn’t have much to discuss KDE-wise. Anyway, let’s get started:


I have booked my travel plans for Akademy 2024, and hopefully this time my travel will be uneventful. I’ll be attending QtCS 2024 in Würzburg too. At the time of writing, the program has not been announced yet - so I’m not sure if I’m giving a talk yet, but fingers crossed 🤞

Art on Wayland

A common problem with artists inquiring about the KDE Wayland session is that a lot of information is passed down. Some of the information is clearly out of date, and it spreads like wildfire. On top of that, factual information is scattered across multiple wiki pages, forum posts, and chat messages. I wrote up a page (personally maintained by me, mind) hosted at (If all goes well, I hope to retire this page in a year or two.)

In terms of software, gsetwacom was recently released by Peter Hutterer. So, I created our own (intentionally a seperate tool), called ktabletconfig. I personally don’t have a use for this tool, but I wanted to create it anyway. I hope it serves someone well!

I do plan on expanding ktabletconfig’s features, as the Wayland session continues to mature.


Feature I merged the tablet tester, finally! Thanks to Nate for pushing it past the finish line, as always. 6.2

A slightly out of date screenshot of the Tester
A slightly out of date screenshot of the Tester

Feature Clearly explain what left-handed mode does in the Tablet KCM, because even I didn’t know until I looked it up! 6.2

Feature Rebased and merged Aki Sakurai’s “Map to Workspace” (aka all monitors) feature for the Tablet KCM. 6.2

Bugfix I also fixed the wrong aspect ratio for the output preview in the Tablet KCM. Now mapping between 4:3 and 16:9 screens should make more sense in the UI. 6.1

Bugfix Went through the whole Tablet KCM and cleaned up the terms we use. It’s a small thing, but I hope it makes the features we have more understandable. 6.2


Feature I have begun adding a way for Kirigami applications to save and restore window state like our QtWidget applications do. I have stalled on it because of something else, but this is something I want to finish soon. ???

Feature Added a generic “translate” icon for applications based on the crow-translate icon we already have. 6.4


Feature I finished up and merged quoted posts support! I’m also pretty happy with the implementation. 24.08

Quoted posts are now “supported” in Tokodon, at least with what we can do
Quoted posts are now “supported” in Tokodon, at least with what we can do


Bugfix Fixed the “DEV BUILD” badge going to a 404. 5.2.3

Bugfix Fix the lag in the tablet tester when using it with a S-Pen on Android. 5.2.3

Bugfix Multiple small improvements for the S-Pen on Android. 5.2.3

I changed up some of the text and mentioned S9 family support here now!
I changed up some of the text and mentioned S9 family support here now!


Bugfix Prevented the location map showing up even though no locations were shared. That also fixes copyright link activation! 24.05

Bugfix Fixed the QR code not showing up on the account page. 24.05

Bugfix Added a focus border to the appearance page modes, which helps users who solely depend on the keyboard. (It was navigable before, but you would have no idea which one was selected.) 24.05

Bugfix Removed room members being highlighted on tap. This makes the member list appear slightly less buggy. 24.05

Feature Added basic keyboard navigation for the server selection popup. 24.05

Bugfix Fixed keyboard navigation in the space drawer. 24.05

Bugfix Fixed keyboard navigation on the room & user search pages. 24.05


Bugfix Fixed keyboard navigation for Kirigami Add-on’s FormComboBoxDelegate, which improves keyboard navigation in lots of Kirigami applications! 1.3.0

I updated the Plasma Desktop README in line with the other README things I did this year!