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KDE levererar Ramverk 5.102.0

lördag, 14 januari 2023 | KDE-gemenskapen

lördag, 14 januari 2023

KDE tillkännager idag utgivning av KDE Ramverk 5.102.0.

KDE Ramverk består av 83 tilläggsbibliotek för Qt, som tillhandahåller ett brett utbud av allmänt användbar funktionalitet i referentgranskade och väl utprovade bibliotek med gynnsamma licensvillkor. För en introduktion, se utgivningsmeddelandet för KDE Ramverk.

Den här utgåvan ingår i en serie planerade månadsvisa utgåvor som gör förbättringar tillgängliga för utvecklare på ett snabbt och förutsägbart sätt.

Nytt i den här versionen

Breeze Icons

  • Revert "Add SimpleScreenRecorder icon" (bug 412490)
  • Add some links for symbolic icons
  • Don't generate BINARY_ICONS_RESOURCE by default with Qt >= 6

Extra CMake Modules

  • FindXCB: remove Xprint and XEvIE
  • Mark translation fetching as deprecated

KDE Doxygen Tools

  • add -u to ensure all variables are defined when used
  • update dependencies and add a script to automate this


  • Fix polkit package name in CMake config (bug 463402)


  • fix safety issue of multiple threads use KConfig in the same process


  • [kcommandbar] Save last used items in state config
  • [kcodecaction] Deprecate KEncodingProper-based API


  • Fix bug 395683 Entry for security-aware messengers (bug 395683)


  • Config.cmake.in: workaround Inotify static issue (bug 460656)
  • Better Pluralize 'n minutes ago' (bug 462261)
  • Fix portal urls cache on X11 (bug 460314)


  • calendarevents: add new alternate date ready signal and deprecate the old one (bug 463196)
  • Support modifierOnlyAllowed in KeySequenceItem


  • odfextractor: Add support for Open Document Graphics


  • Don't install kglobalacceld5 service file for KF6
  • Deprecate activateGlobalShortcutContext and shortcut contexts in general

KDE GUI Addons

  • waylandclipboard: Be a bit smarter about when to use the QGuiApplication::clipboard (bug 462979)
  • KeySequenceRecorder: Allow modifier-only shortcuts
  • KColorSchemeWatcherWin: Fix checking for dark mode
  • Correct descriptions for CMake options WITH_WAYLAND and WITH_X11
  • waylandclipboard: Update QClipboard when gaining focus (bug 454379)


  • holidays/plan2/holiday_us_en-us - fix Junetenth date
  • Fix German "Buß- und Bettag" holiday is wrong (SN,BY) (bug 461835)
  • Add holidays for Malaysia (bug 462867)
  • cmake: Use ECMQmlModule for declarative plugin
  • qcalendarsystem condition 'months<0' is always true


  • raw: tweak seek implementation
  • heif: fix error handling
  • heif: rewrite plugin to use only libheif C API


  • Fix Windows build


  • [kprocessrunner] Don't specify which desktop the app should be launched on (bug 462996)
  • Fix crash when dealing with user notification dialog
  • [WidgetsAskUserActionHandler] Add fallbacks for dialog parent windows (bug 463124)
  • [jobuidelegate] Set window when creating delegate
  • kdiroperator: fix full file path not being stripped (bug 459900)
  • Fix integer overflow for large files in AccessManager (bug 452972)
  • Pre-select "Delete" in Delete Confirmation Dialog (bug 462845)
  • Make link against KWindowSystem private
  • [KOpenWithDialog] Save search history in state config
  • file_unix: Fix check for hidden NTFS files
  • Use new nomenclature with socket name; use ".socket" suffix
  • [previewjob] Deprecate overlayIconSize and overlayIconAlpha
  • Replace KIO::SlaveConfig with KIO::WorkerConfig
  • [kpropertiesdialog] Remove UI to set DBus startup type
  • when inside a sandbox use different openwith behavior
  • Don't install service desktop files for KCMs in KF6
  • Don't install KonqPopupMenu service type file for KF6


  • InlineMessage: Downstream and clarify padding expressions that are based on background's border width
  • Calculate CategorizedSettings's width by using word width instead of length (bug 462698)
  • ActionMenuItem: Shorten one binding expression, remove useless check
  • Fix getting tablet mode on application startup (bug 462187)
  • Show tooltip in avatar if available
  • ActionTextField: Specify focus reason for shortcut activation
  • Add text to clear action in search field
  • ColumnView: Resolve assert
  • ActionTextField: Avoid showing empty tooltip for actions without text
  • InlineMessage: Make content text selectable, just like their Widgets counterpart
  • PageRow: Fix potential popping of visible pages with popHiddenPages
  • NavigationTabButton: Support display property
  • DefaultCardBackground: Make basic drop shadow follow the radius
  • NavigationTabBar: Move button width calculation out of NavigationTabButton
  • fix the listitemdraghandle example so it's not a broken mess
  • Dialog: Fix assigning undefined to QObject property, which is a type error in QML
  • Use StandardKey.Find instead of "CTRL+F"
  • ActionTextField: Fix property access error on non-Kirigami actions
  • PasssiveNotificationManager: Use Item instead of Control so that we can use a touchscreen
  • ActionTextField: Remove useless binding
  • Don't accept hover events at the bottom of ApplicationItem
  • PageRow: Rename popNotVisiblePages... to popHiddenPages, and fix null
  • FormLayout: remove excessive spacing above unlabeled separators (bug 462300)
  • Allow closing drawers on non-touch devices (bug 454119)
  • Re-implement PassiveNotification functionality
  • Add appropriate tooltip and accessibility property to GlobalDrawer's menu button
  • Fix double namespace Kirigami.Kirigami.*
  • InlineMessage: Make 1 expression explicit and boolean-valued
  • InlineMessage: Don't bind your logic to the value of .visible property
  • OverlaySheet: Use same heading size as Dialog
  • icon: proceed itemChange in QQuickItem (bug 462630)
  • Icon: repolish on DPR changes
  • Icon: Use correct devicePixelRatio


  • core: Don't make URL installation a false question
  • KNSCore::Question: Include the entry in the question (bug 460136)


  • doc: Tell which is the default value of status and category


  • Fix signal after edit TTS_select


  • ReadOnlyPart: don't emit urlChanged() from destructor


  • Allow accessing custom properties of KServiceActions
  • Replace QVariant::Type with QMetaType::Type
  • Deprecate KService::dbusStartupType


  • Fix crash on undo after reload (bug 462793)
  • Update the cursor and anchor to sync with the visual but not scroll for selectAll
  • Implement invokeAction and commit preedit when click outside the preedit
  • Add missing KWindowSystem dependency
  • Fix 1 space indent not detected
  • Added New Script Sort Uniq
  • avoid use of markedAsFoldingStart
  • start to compute indentation based folding on demand
  • Accept event when clearing multicursors
  • Add Dart and Go to katemoderc


  • Adapt to HRK being replaced by EUR

KWallet Framework

  • Don't install kwalletd5 service file for KF6


  • Make sure that HAVE_MEMFD is defined to 0 if not found


  • Make Full Screen action use consistent text and icon (bug 240854)


  • Merge two KWINDOWSYSTEM_HAVE_X11 sections into one
  • Fix KStartupInfo::appStarted()
  • Deprecate KStartupInfo::startupId()
  • Deprecate KStartupInfo::silenceStartup()
  • KWindowSystemPluginWrapper doesn't need a virtual dtor
  • Make KX11Extras::icon behave like KWindowSytem::icon (bug 462739)


  • Decrease minimum height of inactive list widget (bug 461580)


  • Lookup country code during initialization


  • Explicitly look for Qt::DBus in the CMake config file

Plasma Framework

  • Dialog: Only center panel popup if it still would cover two thirds of its panel widget (bug 462930)
  • containmentinterface: add function to open context menu
  • ExpandableListItem: load custom content when item is expanded
  • PC3/ActionTextField: Specify focus reason for shortcut activation
  • Use StandardKey.Find instead of "CTRL+F"
  • ActionTextField: add property type for focusSequence
  • ActionTextField: show native shortcut text in tooltip
  • ActionTextField: fix StandardKey not working
  • Dialog: Use one std::optional instead of two boolean flags
  • Mark transient applets in config (bug 417114)


  • Add support for ZXing 2.0


  • CheckBox/RadioButton/Switch: update implicit sizing code
  • CheckBox/RadioButton/Switch: center align indicators when no content
  • CheckBox/RadioButton/Switch: align indicators with 1st text line
  • Button/ToolButton: allow menu arrows to be added by Accessible.role


  • Add Esperanto trigram data file

Syntax Highlighting

  • Resolve conflict on .ex file extension
  • Markdown: remove dynamic rules that are not needed
  • Julia: merge hundreds of rules into a single regex ; fix adjoint operator ; includes ##Comments
  • avoid temporary constructions of Definition in AbstractHighlighter::highlightLine
  • GCode: numbers are optional with parameters (bug 462969)
  • cmake: Use ECMQmlModule for qtquick plugin
  • update version and references
  • Add MapCSS highlighting
  • Add testcase to markdown file for Nim code blocks
  • Markdown: Use nim highlighting in nim blocks
  • Add testcase for "\"
  • Nim: Small syntax fixes
  • Add new keywords: get and set

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key: pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure faure@kde.org Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7 4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB