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KDE levererar Ramverk 5.103.0

söndag, 12 februari 2023 | KDE-gemenskapen

söndag, 12 februari 2023

KDE tillkännager idag utgivning av KDE Ramverk 5.103.0.

KDE Ramverk består av 83 tilläggsbibliotek för Qt, som tillhandahåller ett brett utbud av allmänt användbar funktionalitet i referentgranskade och väl utprovade bibliotek med gynnsamma licensvillkor. För en introduktion, se utgivningsmeddelandet för KDE Ramverk.

Den här utgåvan ingår i en serie planerade månadsvisa utgåvor som gör förbättringar tillgängliga för utvecklare på ett snabbt och förutsägbart sätt.

Nytt i den här versionen


  • Fix automoc issues on generated DBus source files
  • Don't skip automoc for DBus interfaces

Extra CMake Modules

  • ECMAddQtDesignerPlugin: use correct plugin IID
  • ECMAddQch: support doc linking also against Qt6 docs
  • KDEPackageAppTemplates: add "_kapptemplate" postfix to target names
  • Fix compatibility with newer Gradle provided with Qt 5.15.8


  • Limit size of file to be added by what the tar header supports


  • Add Q_PROPERTY for IncidenceBase::url as well
  • Avoid calling twice update() in setAttendees()
  • Unbreak static build consumers


  • KCModuleQml: Specify URL for root component's QML context
  • Set systemsettings as alias when generating desktop files


  • Remove winsami2 from codecs list
  • Replace jis7 with ISO-2022-JP in offered codecs
  • Fix name for CP 949 in KCharsets::encodingsByScript (bug 463848)


  • kconf_update: use standard exit status code
  • kconf_update: use CMAKE_INSTALL_FULL_LIBDIR (bug 465125)
  • KCoreConfigSkeleton::ItemEnum::Choice2: add deprecation warning markup
  • KCoreConfigSkeleton::ItemEnum::choices2(): add deprecation markup
  • Android: Fix a bug where new file wouldn't be created


  • [kcodecaction] Deprecate QTextCodec and mib-based API (bug 463421)
  • [kcodecaction] Add name-based trigger signal
  • kcommandbar: Fix positioning when no mainwindow parent
  • kcommandbar: Fix no central widget crashes app (bug 463251)


  • don't needlessly copy urls while iterating
  • KSandbox: Warn when running without flatpak-spawn privileges


  • Remove unused QtGraphicalEffects import
  • Fix anchors error in AbstractKCM & SimpleKCM types
  • QML/JS: Prefer const over let, and use strict === equality


  • Only recreate icons if an icon dir changed (bug 463353)

KDELibs 4 Support

  • Fix transparent borders on the right and bottom sides of Italy flag


  • Also add external extractors to vector of all plugins (bug 463598)
  • Fix loading of external extractors and writers (bug 463598)


  • Send X11 startup id when invoking service actions

KDE GUI Addons

  • waylandinhibition singleton pattern for ShortcutsInhibitManager
  • waylandclipboard: roundtrip to get accurate focus state (bug 463199)
  • KColorSchemeWatcherMac: do not use new NSAppearance API on older macOS versions (bug 463752)


  • psd: conversion speed improvements (kf5)
  • Fix writing TGA alpha depth flag
  • HDR support removed from RAW plugin
  • heif: reject invalid files with zero size


  • kdeinit: Use close_range for cleanup_fds if available


  • CommandLauncher: Emit error when command was not found
  • Add KUrlNavigator::supportedSchemes, to replace customProtocols
  • Add missing copyFromFile entries to http.json for webdav and webdavs (bug 464450)
  • Mark WorkerBase::needSubUrlData as deprecated
  • [commandlauncherjob] Deprecate setIcon
  • job_error: add missing space between sentences for one string (bug 464631)
  • Correct setDesktopName() docs regarding optionality of .desktop suffix
  • Drop outdated docs for mailto kioslave
  • Add deprecation warnings for KDirOperator::setView(KFile::FileView)
  • Deprecate unused Scheduler::connect/disconnects methods
  • Deprecate Slave::isConnected/setConnected
  • Restore old behavior for KFileFilterCombo::setFilter (bug 463309)
  • KCoreDirListerCache: Remove unnecessary assert
  • KFilePlacesView: Set transientParent on context menu (bug 453532)
  • KURISearchFilterEngine: Use DuckDuckGo as a default shortcut
  • widgets/renamefiledialog: remove bulk rename number limit


  • PageHeader: Fix title's leading padding in RTL environment
  • PageHeader: Factor out common sub-expressions
  • PageHeader: Break down long and complex expression into multiple lines
  • Take into account the extra spacing nav buttons have
  • Take into account more button after is visible (bug 464988)
  • private/PrivateActionToolButton: Remove unused icon component
  • Fix escape key closing non-modal OverlayDrawers
  • Take into account side margins (bug 465052)
  • Disable HoverHandler (bug 464829)
  • BasicListItem: Patch tooltip tests for Qt5
  • BasicListItem: Add test for tooltip feature
  • tests: Sort tests alphabetically in CMake
  • Add hover-tooltip to the labels of BasicListItem
  • Remove examples for components which are going to be removed in KF6
  • ForwardButton: Remove unused initial properties
  • SwipeNavigator: Hotfix failure to load the component
  • OverlayDrawer: Remove unused object id
  • Fix the only compile-time warning left in KF5
  • OverlaySheet: Switch from int to real as appropriate
  • Fix last instances of imports without aliases
  • Explicitly specify arguments in signal handlers (x2)
  • Explicitly specify arguments in signal handlers
  • Fix some code style/formatting
  • Avatar: Add tests for action triggering
  • Avatar: Fix triggering main action
  • ColumnView: Explicitly support RTL in leading separator
  • ColumnView: Use Kirigami.Theme.Window colorSet for separators
  • ColumnView: Remove obsolete code
  • ColumnView: Use RTL-friendly name for internal method
  • ColumnView: Make consistent calls to shared instance
  • Optimize connections on parent change, and make sure to unbind if target set to null
  • WheelHandler: Fix scrolling over ScrollBars on ScrollablePage (bug 438526)
  • ScrollablePage: Enhance code style
  • ScrollablePage: Drop extra rounding code
  • a11y: Ignore action buttons for invisible actions
  • Page: Split default page title delegate into separate component
  • Page: Fix title delegate elision glitch
  • ActionToolButton: Replace hack with Accessible role
  • ShadowedTexture: Fix crash in cases where QSGTextureProvider::textureChanged.
  • Move license file of template to correct location


  • Fix crash in QQuickQuestionListener (bug 464624)
  • Install desktop file for knewstuff-dialog (bug 464668)

KPackage Framework

  • Update README with new json metadata
  • Show deprecation message about the desktop to json conversion being removed


  • PartLoader: move UI strings out of template code in header
  • Deprecate class PartSelectEvent
  • Deprecate PartBase::setPluginInterfaceVersion(int)


  • Fix indent failing due to unknown method 'replace'
  • Don't show selection count when there are none


  • Restore ABI compatibility broken in 29bb6d


  • Prevent user from expanding tooltips by key, if they weren't expandable
  • Remove duplicate "Whats This?" tooltips


  • Fix remaining 5 compile warnings (unused parameters)

Plasma Framework

  • Dialog: Fix calculation of distance between dialog and parent applet (bug 464513)
  • Refactor glowbar SVG
  • QMenuProxy & Plasma::Types::PopupPlacement: Reverse direction for RTL
  • QMenuProxy: Fix relative positioning with embedded/off-screen parent windows
  • IconItemTest: Wait for rendering before capturing an image of IconItem
  • iconitem: Use InOutCubic for the animation's easing curve
  • iconitem: Adjust fade animation to not flicker as much (bug 463685)


  • ScrollBar: Add feature that Alt+Click inverts scrollToClickPosition behavior
  • ScrollBar: Fix glitch when animating back in transient mode
  • ScrollBar: React to style changes property
  • ScrollBar: Fix visuals in edge cases of rounding errors
  • ScrollBar: Fix visuals in overshoot state
  • ScrollBar: Never mirror horizontal scroll bars, even in RTL layout
  • ScrollBar: Remove duplicate property assignment
  • ScrollBar: Reduce string comparisons
  • ScrollBar,ScrollView: Use Control::mirrored property for RTL
  • ScrollView: Factor out subexpression in a way that actually works reliably
  • ScrollBar: Fix active control state after mouse release
  • ScrollBar: Fix jump target position for horizontal scrollbars
  • ScrollBar: Use newer shorthand properties to make code shorter
  • ScrollBar: Shuffle components around and flatten code
  • ScrollBar: Optimize for non-interactive mode: use property interceptor syntax
  • ScrollBar: Optimize for interactive mode: don't run invisible animations
  • ScrollBar: Factor constants out of Math.round()
  • Deduplicate identical pixelMetric call
  • ScrollView: Remove custom background-colored rectangle
  • Switch: Fix broken object id reference
  • Workaround for QTBUG-106489
  • Replace icon.color.a > 0 check with proper Qt.colorEqual
  • Refactor DefaultListItemBackground with a grain of type-safety
  • DelayButton: Fix hasFocus binding
  • Menu: Factor out property assignment
  • RadioButton: Add support for icons, just like in CheckBox (bug 442986)
  • TabBar: Fix glitchy overlap
  • TabButton: Refactor expressions using modern QQC2 attached properties
  • TabButton: Fix/add icons rendering
  • Revisit usages of QtQuick.Controls/AbstractButton::icon grouped property
  • Optimize loading icons from properties


  • Change underscores to spaces in Esperanto trigrams

Syntax Highlighting

  • Log: fix slow search regex ; add Critical section ; some improvement in Log File (advanced) (bug 464424)
  • Cobol: add extensions ; add exec sql block ; picture clause more permissive
  • Cobol: replace tab with 2 spaces
  • Add Zig language
  • Add Cabal syntax
  • Add Log File syntax
  • avoid copies of Theme and QString in functions that manipulate themes
  • FormatPrivate now contains a definition name rather than a reference to a definition
  • add noexcept
  • Theme::m_data is now always initialized with a valid pointer
  • optimize ThemeData::textStyleOverride
  • Replace DefinitionRef in StateData with a definition id
  • Add COBOL syntax
  • Indexer: suggest more minimal=1 or other rule for RegExpr with lookhaed=1 and .*
  • Indexer: check xml validity
  • feat: Add new syntax for Earthfile

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key: pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure faure@kde.org Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7 4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB