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KDE levererar Ramverk 5.105.0

lördag, 8 april 2023 | KDE-gemenskapen

lördag, 8 april 2023

KDE tillkännager idag utgivning av KDE Ramverk 5.105.0.

KDE Ramverk består av 83 tilläggsbibliotek för Qt, som tillhandahåller ett brett utbud av allmänt användbar funktionalitet i referentgranskade och väl utprovade bibliotek med gynnsamma licensvillkor. För en introduktion, se utgivningsmeddelandet för KDE Ramverk.

Den här utgåvan ingår i en serie planerade månadsvisa utgåvor som gör förbättringar tillgängliga för utvecklare på ett snabbt och förutsägbart sätt.

Nytt i den här versionen


  • Add conventional python virtual-env folder to exclude filters
  • [TermGenerator] Skip all unprintable characters
  • Define the translation domain of BalooEngine

Breeze Icons

  • Add icons for showing and hiding a virtual keyboard
  • Redshift icons: Add missing semi-transparency, add new breeze-dark icons
  • Update Redshift icons to off on & sun (bug 462215)
  • Delete false Gparted and Kwikdisk icons (bug 467319)

Extra CMake Modules


Framework Integration

  • Don't play sound for plain notification (bug 457672)


  • KColorSchemeManager: don't override color scheme set by platform theme (bug 447029)
  • CommandBar: Fix lastUsedActions not restored


  • Add Address::geoUri getter and property


  • Prevent KSignalHandler leaking signalfd file descriptors


  • API dox: add some minimal docs to namespace & classes to trigger coverage
  • API dox: cover CalendarEvents in generated QCH file
  • Overhaul configmodule docs


  • Have KDE4 compat header emit compiler warnings about their use


  • kdoctools_install: fix doc detection in path with special chars


  • Use compat headers with deprecation warnings for KuitMarkup/kuitmarkup.h
  • cmake: Do not rebuild po and ts files if they did not change


  • Add missing comma between enum values


  • psd: Fix alpha blending (KF5)


  • CommandLauncher: call emitResult() as soon as process has started (bug 466359)
  • Also handle copy_file_range failing with ENOENT
  • widgets/renamefiledialog: set number limit again (bug 466636)


  • Fix quit action code
  • GlobalDrawer: Fix header with invisible content taking up space
  • ColorUtils: Handle cases where hue is -1 in linearInterpolate
  • NavigationTabBar: Fix imports in doc example
  • NavigationTabBar: Factor out minDelegateWidth part of expression
  • Action Name Not required KF5
  • Default page categorized settings
  • Show back button when pushing a pagerow
  • shadowed*rectangle: Don't use base class result if materials are different
  • Set fallback theme path when a custom icon theme is used


  • QtQuickDialogWrapper: Print out errors if component creation failed
  • Deprecate knewstuffcore_version.h & knewstuffquick_version.h
  • Add missing deps to KF5NewStuffCoreConfig


  • try to improve test stability
  • autoindent: fix indentation when "keep extra spaces" is enabled
  • Julia indent: fix indentation when "keep extra spaces" is enabled,


  • Allow searching 2-character strings (bug 449003)
  • Initialize KCharSelectTablePrivate::chr

Plasma Framework

  • DataEngines: Add forward compatibility as a porting aid
  • containmentinterface: get applet position when menu key is pressed


  • CheckIndicator: Allow exclusive buttons to be detected via their ButtonGroup (bug 467390)


  • Remove some obsolete and incorrect code from UPower and UDisks2 backend
  • Deprecate "Recall" API for batteries
  • Avoid synchronous DBus calls for devices list
  • Initialize supported interfaces with member initializer list
  • Replace generic UPower QDBusInterface with concrete implementation
  • Remove support for UPower < 0.99
  • Remove invalid Refresh DBus call from UPower backend

Syntax Highlighting

  • Highlight the QML "required" keyword, added in Qt 5.15

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key: pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure faure@kde.org Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7 4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB